Senpex Partners With The Floral Systems – Giving New Heights To New Ventures!
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09/28/2020 03:10 PM

Senpex Partners With The Floral Systems – Giving New Heights To New Ventures!

Opening a floral business requires a lot of dedication, years of perseverance, and extreme love. Also, it requires the brand to manage online reputation to ensure customers reach out again and again. The Floral Systems provide a big platform for many florists to shop for their flowers has partnered with Senpex for delivery services. In this article, we will talk about how the management works directly and how the delivery process is channelized throughout the way.

The profit of an online business is driven by three big pillars that are – reliability, good customer service, and timely delivery. Small businesses grow even better when they focus on a niche market while working upon quality delivery services. Senpex understands the requirement of businesses hence collaborated with ventures to give new heights to businesses you have never thought of. Recently, Senpex partnered with the Floral Systems to ease the facility of online delivery of flowers. Now, you must be curious to know how we are helping them to grow the business? Well, read this article!

A Brief on the Floral Systems!

Floral Systems is a provider of independent business solutions for florists including websites, e-commerce, email marketing and POS systems. From this platform, customers can buy their favorite flowers without any hassle. Around 40-50 flower shops are using this big online platform to reach their client. The main aim of Floral is to expand floral technology solutions while providing the best services in the market.

Role Of Senpex In This Partnership

The Floral Systems collects all orders from its customers who request floral arrangements and it sends us a list of addresses where we need to pick-up and deliver the flowers. We optimize our routes, planning the delivery as per the address given to us. We know customers hate late delivery. Thus, we make use of our route optimization software for minimizing the cost of delivery and reach to the person as fast as possible. Once we have a delivery address, we directly route to the drop-off point for the delivery.

Senpex has been providing floral delivery services and we are familiar and based out of routes of the US and the Bay Area. Senpex’s huge team of professionals is collaborating with new ventures for providing timely and easy delivery.

What’s Next?

Senpex can’t and won’t stop at one destination. Our vision is clear where as we want to associate with big and small ventures to make their delivery processes much simpler. No matter whether you are dealing with a medical shop, restaurants, beauty parlors, mechanical shops, or anything- we have covered you all. We are best in offering pick-up and delivery services. Simply call.

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