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Simplify your logistics. Amplify your business growth.

Our mission is to simplify logistics for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to focus on their core operations and growth.

  • Custom logistics solutions tailored to 30+ industries.
  • AI-powered delivery management technology.
  • Experienced account management for seamless communication and support.

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Senpex`s journey: building tailored and accessible last-mile delivery for businesses

Senpex Technology started in 2017 in San Francisco with a simple goal in mind: to make shipping more affordable and convenient for businesses of all sizes. With a passion for solving complex delivery challenges, we have grown into a trusted on-demand delivery company, ranking among the top delivery companies. We boast a network of dependable couriers across major US cities and over 500,000 successful deliveries.

One of the keys to our success is embracing technology that makes a real difference. Weve developed a technological suite of AI-powered route planning and delivery scheduling tools that helps us streamline delivery operations across all industries. We offer flexible courier services, including same-day, on-demand, and scheduled delivery options, ensuring we can cater to the diverse needs of our business clients.

At Senpex, were all about people and our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction sets us apart from other delivery companies in the industry. We see our clients as partners, and we work together to provide reliable and affordable courier services that meet their unique needs. As we continue to grow and collaborate with leading brands, we remain focused on addressing the complex last-mile delivery challenges that businesses face in the US. By keeping a people-first approach and staying true to our vision, we strive to become the preferred on-demand delivery partner for businesses across America.

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End-to-end delivery solutions that scale with your business

We work closely with you to understand your delivery needs and recommend the best combination of services and technology to optimize your delivery operations.

Delivery services (DaaS)

  • Specialized last-mile delivery services
  • Commercial moving & heavy lifting
  • Local delivery
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Intercity delivery
  • White glove services
  • Reverse logistics

Delivery management software (SaaS)

  • Senpex delivery API
  • Multi-route optimization software
  • In-House Logistics TMS
  • Mobile Apps
  • Collection service software

From healthcare to retail: delivery services that meet each industry`s needs

E-commerce solutions

Seamlessly integrate our delivery services with your e-commerce platform to optimize order fulfillment, enhance customer satisfaction, and expand your market reach.

Medical courier

Trust our HIPAA-compliant, secure, and on-time transportation of medical supplies, specimens, and records for hospitals, clinics, blood banks, pharmacies, and laboratories.

Food and catering delivery

Ensure a seamless catering delivery, including efficient route planning, temperature-controlled transport, and setup assistance from our expert drivers at the venue.

Commercial moving

Experience a secure and simple moving process with our expert handling, transportation, and delivery of office equipment, furniture, and inventory for businesses of all sizes.

Local delivery

Optimize your supply chain with our urgent, same-day, and scheduled local deliveries tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries in your region.

Nationwide delivery

Save up to 51% on nationwide shipping with our exclusive bulk pricing, doorstep pick-up, and hassle-free labeling and packaging services in partnership with leading carriers.

Take control of your workflows with our delivery management technology

Senpex delivery API
Senpex delivery API

Our delivery API easily integrates with your e-commerce platform, marketplace, or ERP to automate and manage your delivery operations.

Multi-route optimization
Multi-route optimization

Leverage our multi-route optimization algorithms to identify and implement the most efficient delivery routes, reducing transit times and lowering operational costs.

In-House Logistics TMS
In-House Logistics TMS

Empower your dispatch team with an all-in-one tool to create routes, assign drivers, schedule pick-ups and deliveries, and track delivery fulfillment.

Mobile apps
Mobile apps

Take advantage of our user-friendly mobile apps to manage your deliveries anytime, anywhere, ensuring smooth communication with customers and drivers.

Simple. Flexible. Reliable. The benefits of trusting Senpex.

Efficient logistics through automation

You can program your last-mile operations with total flexibility, including urgent, same-day, and other scheduling options. Our delivery management software allows you to automate and optimize your logistics processes, reducing time and increasing efficiency.

Lower costs with optimized multi-routes

Senpex handles multiple pick-up and drop-off locations seamlessly without the need for manual coordination tasks. Our route optimization algorithms reduce delivery time and costs and ensure a seamless experience for your team and customers.

Increased competitiveness and scalability

As customers receive their orders more quickly and reliably, their trust in your business grows. This can lead to more orders, improved customer reviews and ratings, and word-of-mouth referrals, positively impacting your businesss bottom line.

End-to-end delivery visibility

With Senpexs real-time tracking technology, you can stay informed about the status of your orders. Having full visibility of the process, from scheduling and pick-up to transit and delivery, results in better customer service and more effective operations.

Reduced inventory expenses

Benefit from a cost-effective approach to logistics management. When deliveries are made just in time and items are not waiting idly in a warehouse, the costs of keeping goods in storage, including expenses such as rent, utilities, and insurance, are minimized.

Reduced churn rate at the checkout

Customers are more likely to complete a purchase when they know the exact cost and delivery time upfront. With Senpex as your last-mile delivery partner, you can provide accurate quotes, increasing your customers confidence in their purchase decision.

Delivery success stories from our partners

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