Senpex Nationwide

Senpex Nationwide is a one-stop shipping solution for everyone. We partner with top national carriers to provide you a cost effective and unique shipping experience, nationwide.

Amazing Benefits for Everyone

Exclusive shipping rates

Save money on every parcel you send to another city. Whether you’re sending 1 or 100 a day, Senpex Nationwide customers enjoy up to 60% savings on all nationwide shipments.

Personal courier

Say goodbye to long post office queues and lengthy delivery times. With Senpex Nationwide, you get access to personal couriers that ensure safe parcel pick-up and delivery.

Label printing and packaging

Save precious time on label creation and reduce packaging errors with Senpex. Our couriers will generate shipping labels for your parcel and properly pack them for shipment.

Pick-up on demand

Send parcels fast to another city with Senpex. Whether you need your parcels picked up daily or on certain weekdays, our same-day couriers will pick them up on demand.

Bulk Send

Ship more in less time with our Senpex Nationwide bulk shipping. Whether you send 10 or 100 parcels daily, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting.

How it Works

Senpex Nationwide makes it easy to ship packages without going inside a drop-off store. Simply sort out your parcel, then tell us where it needs to go and we’ll do the rest.

Pretty easy, right?

But that’s not all, we’ve got more in store for you!

  • Get best price
  • Schedule a pickup
  • Get Custom Packaging and Shipping Label
  • Track your parcel

Save Money on Every Shipment

Partners Drop-off Program

Are you looking to increase the volume of parcels transiting through your drop-off station?

Enter Senpex Nationwide.

Senpex opens up a world of opportunities for pack-and-ship retailers of major nationwide shipping carriers around the U.S. Our shipping solutions integrate seamlessly across your drop-off stores to pull in Senpex customer shipments and automate label printing in real-time.

With Senpex Partner Program, driving more shipment through your drop-off store is easier than ever. Simply sign up to get Senpex printing terminals installed at your store for label printing whenever a Senpex customer shipment comes in. Only Senpex couriers are authorized to operate our printing terminals. From generating shipping labels for customers parcel to error-free packing, we do it all.

With Senpex Nationwide, everybody wins!

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