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Senpex Collection Service - Click to Collect Software and Fulfillment

  • Automated Order Fulfillment
  • Designated Collectors
  • Designated Couriers
  • Real-Time Fulfillment Tracking
  • Optimized Pricing
  • Accurate Stock Information on All Sales
  • Real-time Visibility of Stock Inventory and Status
  • Flexible Deployment Options

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How it works?

How Senpex CS goes from your supply store to your customers.


Getting started with Senpex Courier Collection Service (CS) is very straightforward. With its seamless API integration, you can easily import all your orders, no matter what your fulfillment needs are. Senpex CS also supports various input types, thereby giving you a single channel for a seamless order fulfillment process.



Once you’re connected to Senpex CS, we will manage your entire fulfillment process from planning to delivery, so your customers receive the right products on time, every time.Our dependable team of collectors and in-house collection system mean your operation can scale quickly to keep up with any demand.



Senpex CS collection monitoring feature gives you complete visibility into how orders are collected from your customers. Add that to its real-time tracking feature, and you’ve got everything you need to streamline your operations while receiving photo proof at every stage of the order fulfillment process.

The Story Behind Senpex CS

Senpex CS was born out of our successful partnership with Restaurant Depot – a major foodservice supply store for restaurant owners. As an on-demand delivery company, we provided customers of Restaurant Depot with an order collection service to guarantee safe and accurate mobility.

The need for this service stemmed from two axioms. One had to do with setting up a seamless collection management system that enabled restaurant owners to easily place orders at Restaurant Depot.

The second axiom had to do with picking up and delivering the right set of grocery products to customers of Restaurant Depot. Since groceries are perishable items and an essential part of running a restaurant business, not every restaurant owner could rely on someone to take care of this.

To bridge this human-technology divide, we hired a dedicated team of trained professionals to manage the entire collection process of orders received from restaurant owners. This ensured a frictionless end-to-end experience between Restaurant depot and their customers. Today, Senpex CS has a network of supervisors and collectors, designated drivers, sensitive dispatchers across the US, and a standalone technology that easily integrates with major suppliers.

Why Senpex CS?

Seamless End-To-End Experience

From receiving inventory to shipping customer orders, Senpex CS provides buyers and suppliers with a cohesive end-to-end fulfillment experience. Buyers can easily place orders, and suppliers can collect and deliver them without handling or shipping accuracy issues.

Fulfill with flexibility

High-volume orders? Complex fulfillment operations? Leave everything to Senpex. From order collection to last-mile delivery, Senpex CS handles your entire order fulfillment process freeing you to focus on what really matters.

Easy onboarding

With its seamless integration and real-time visibility features, Senpex CS has everything to simplify order fulfillment for major U.S wholesale marketers, including Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Smart and Final. Our implementation team is well versed in continuous improvement processes, ensuring a high level of service to you and your customers.

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