Personal Courier Delivery

Making personal parcel pickup & delivery easier than ever before.

Our couriers specialize in personal parcel pickup and delivery as they are segmented between those who have personal courier or personal messenger service experience, and those who do not. Thus, our dispatch officers in coordination with our courier network, work around the clock to purchase items on your behalf and deliver them within the necessary time window in order to increase your personal productivity.

Unlike Instacart, Doordash, Postmates, or Magic Delivery, our team ensures any item has the capability to be delivered since works around the clock to offer fast and easy personal courier delivery 24/7.

We also provide all customers with full-access to our personal messenger service enabling end-to-end transparency with their assigned courier in real-time.

Senpex ensures the fulfillment of all deliveries through our partnership with, please visit the site for more details.

Individual Deliveries

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Advantages of Senpex

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Our delivery prices are nearly 60% lower then our competition! The more items you send to one location, the lower the price.

Delivery When you Want it

Whether it’s on-demand or scheduled, we deliver your items exactly then you want it. We’ve got you covered.

Delivery Efficiency

Using our Ai-powered route optimization platform, we’ve managed to reduce the median delivery time to nearly 55 minutes!

Professional Courier

All of our couriers have prior experience in the delivery business handling items both big and small with the utmost care.

Live ETA Updates

Clients don’t need to guess their package will arrive as we provide real-time updates within 15 min time window.

Delivery Dashboard

From billing to real time GPS tracking of live order, we make sure to keep all your deliveries information updated in real time for your convenience.


Whether you need a single package delivered or an entire fleet in a snap, Senpex’s network of professional couriers are positioned to provide same-day delivery throughout California, Washington, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Massachusetts.
Corporate Partners
From Facebook to your local grocery store, businesses of all sizes and industries trust Senpex to handle their deliveries.
Successful Deliveries
Whether it’s big or small, you can take comfort in knowing that Senpex will deliver your package with the highest degrees of both care and professionalism.
Customer Satisfaction
Our partners choose to work with us because we believe in creating a seamless, transparent customer experience.


Does Senpex offer personal package pickup & delivery?


How soon you can deliver my package?

Yes, we can deliver your package within 55 minutes.

Do you provide personal messenger service?


Is it possible to track my personal courier?

Yes, with our real-time system you can track the exact location of your package.

Is my confidential package safe with you?

100%. We safely deliver your package without making any long delays.

You can’t rely on any ordinary company for personal courier service especially when you want it urgently at your place. Isn’t it? Well, find the perfect courier delivery company which ensures to deliver on time. Senpex has a dedicated team that leaves no stone unturned to offer timely delivery services. You can call our professional anytime as we are 24*7*365 days available for our clients. For more details, you can visit our website -