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Combining advanced tech with multi-stop delivery management, Senpex saves you both time and money by calculating the best routes for your deliveries

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Solve Your Toughest Delivery Problem

Cut Costs

Fed up of paying high fees for multi-stop pickup and deliveries? Go with Senpex. Our multi-stop rates are highly competitive giving you an easy, inexpensive way to receive or send multiple items at once. Thanks to our route optimization algorithm, we’ve realized a significant price of $7 per stop with our customers. Simply amazing!

Deliver Faster

How fast do you want your product to reach your customers? When do you want it to reach them? With Senpex, you can send items to multiple destinations FAST. Upload the address list and choose your preferred delivery date and time to enjoy a personalized delivery experience. Our smart algorithms will evaluate vehicle types, road conditions, weather reports as well as your items to provide the best routing experience. How cool is that!

Track packages in real time

Want real-time delivery updates? You got it. With our omnichannel tracking system, you never have to worry about where your items are. Receive instant tracking notifications. Get electronic proof of delivery. See where your drivers are at any time via a live-map and speak or chat directly with them at any time along the route. It doesn’t get better than this!

Get the support you need

Lots to send? No problem. Whether you are sending flowers, bread, fresh fish, blood samples or glassware, Senpex delivers it all. Tell us the items you want us to pick-up or deliver, and we’ll match you with an experienced courier to ensure a seamless experience. That’s what we’re here for!

Supported Delivery Schemas

  • Do you have large volume of orders to fulfill within a given time period? Go with Senpex! Widely used in the U.S, our One-to-Many delivery solution is the answer for businesses that need a “Next Day” or “Time Window” delivery model. Collect your orders and easily upload them to our system.
  • We’ll send you right number of drivers with well-balanced routes, saving you money on fuel and vehicle usage.
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Optimize Your Delivery Route. Don't Go the Extra Mile

Save countless hours of time and fuel usage on multi-stop pickup and delivery with Senpex. From providing highly competitive prices to finding the best routes for your items, our smart multi-stop route planner gives you the power to plan hundreds of deliveries and pickups in a matter of seconds. With Senpex, you get more time to focus on growing your business while enjoying:

  • Safe and transparent delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Instant real-time status updates
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Real-time courier location tracking and live messaging
  • Electronic proof-of-delivery on job completion
  • Professional courier team