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Delivery route optimization made easy

Senpex’s smart multi-stop route planner helps businesses from all industries and sizes to save time and money on last-mile logistics. Our advanced algorithms and reliable delivery team allow you to plan same-day deliveries and pick-ups in a matter of seconds, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

With Senpex, you can enjoy:

  • Dynamic route planning
  • Safe and transparent delivery
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Instant status updates
  • Real-time driver visibility and live messaging
  • Electronic proof-of-delivery on job completion
  • A professional courier team
  • Automatic address labeling for easy package identification

The multi-stop route planner with flexible delivery models


Senpex`s One-to-many delivery model helps businesses with a high volume of orders. This solution involves picking up goods from a single location and delivering them to multiple destinations using the most efficient route. Simply collect your orders and upload your address list to our system. We will ensure you have the right number of drivers on the most efficient routes. Senpex`s One-to-many delivery model is particularly useful for e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, grocery stores, restaurants, and any business that needs to meet short time windows or provide customers with more flexible delivery options.


Senpex`s Many-to-one delivery model is designed to help businesses with multi-stop pick-ups, making it a perfect solution for collecting items from multiple locations and delivering them at once. This model is particularly useful for streamlining supply pick-up operations for grocery stores, restaurants, and other businesses that need a simplified route plan to have items delivered fast and securely to their facilities. It is also widely used by healthcare providers for an easy collection of tests or samples from patients homes, allowing them to provide top-quality service to their customers.


Senpex`s Many-to-many delivery model is the perfect solution to combine multiple pickup and drop-off locations into a single, streamlined route plan. This model is especially useful for e-commerce businesses that need to collect items from various warehouses and deliver them to multiple customers. Catering and event planning companies also use it when they need to distribute supplies and equipment to different locations. Retail businesses also benefit from it in managing their store restocking operations by efficiently collecting goods from suppliers and delivering them to their points of sale.

Faster deliveries. Less fuel. More time to focus on your business.

Cut costs
Cut costs

Our algorithm for delivery route optimization ensures you the most efficient routes, allowing you to save money and streamline your operations. You can send or receive multiple items at once with a delivery plan that’s both simple and budget friendly (for as low as $7 per stop).

Deliver faster
Deliver faster

Upload the address list and choose your preferred delivery date and time. Our smart algorithms analyze vehicle types, road conditions, weather reports, and your package delivery details to provide the best routing experience.

Track packages in real time
Track packages in real time

Our omnichannel tracking system allows you to know where your items are at any time. Receive instant tracking notifications and electronic proof of delivery. See where your drivers are via a live map and speak or chat directly with them.

Get expert logistic support
Get expert logistic support

Lots to send? Sensitive items? When it comes to logistics, having expert support can make all the difference. Tell us the items you want us to pick-up or deliver, and we’ll match you with an experienced courier to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Easy route scheduling: simplifying every step

Our tech empowers your multi-route planning and delivery processes.


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