3 Ways To Prepare Your E-Commerce Business For Same Day Delivery
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10/13/2020 11:19 AM

3 Ways To Prepare Your E-Commerce Business For Same Day Delivery

A few years back, customers were patient. They were ready to wait long for their parcel. But now, the time has changed. Customers want their courier as fast as possible. Companies are aware of public demands hence start offering same-day delivery on demand. Thanks to technology, same-day delivery is easily attainable. But the question arises, how small eCommerce businesses prepare themselves for same-day delivery? Well, Senpex is providing some tips on how you can prepare your business for speedy same day delivery!

Covid 19: Effect of the Pandemic on Logistics and Supply Chain

1. Give Your Customer What They Are Looking For

The Internet has changed the behavior of customers. Earlier, people drive to store and looking at what they wanted to buy. But now, the situation is changed. Customers can browse inventories in a click and make purchases online. Just then, they click on their favorite item, the next thing they want to their doorstep. So, the business must prepare with same-day delivery software anyhow. This gives you an advantage over competitors as it has been recorded that same day service revenue is expecting to be hit $987 million by the year 2019 in the US alone.

2. All Starts in the Warehouse

If you want to make deliveries efficiently, there is a dire need to use route mapping software to make warehouse efficient. This routing optimization software helped to improve the pick-and-pack routes of your warehouse. It would be great for your business hike if you switch to RFID from barcodes. This will enable drivers to scan out items easily and they can deliver much faster. 

Undoubtedly, automation makes warehouse systematic and efficient. Robotic forklifts are productive and more efficient than humans, especially when it comes to pairing with a route planner. 

3. Collaborate with Senpex for Same Day delivery

Ecommerce businesses have millions of tasks to perform. In between, arranging delivery services is another hectic job. Get rid of the delivery process on hiring Senpex. We have a big team of professionals who make use of the AI Optimization platform for business courier service. We sort, handle, and deliver without making any delay. 


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Know-How Senpex Works for eCommerce Businesses?

  • Calculating courier size and weight 

It’s essential to calculate the cost for each parcel. For that, you must know the size and weight of the parcel. We charge a bit higher for delicate/fragile or far away parcels whereas we charge less for light and nearby parcels. 

  • Shipping Destinations 

Senpex covers all the locations of the USA including the Bay Areas. We can help you to ship anywhere in a set timeframe. We are a local courier company, hence we offer our services in different locations in the USA.

  • Shipping Options for customers

Managing shipping in a systematic order not only delights your customer but also help to handle hundred of deliveries in one go. We offer different shipping options like same-day delivery, on-demand courier service, urgent delivery, free in-store pick up, and so forth. 

So, if you really want to fly high in the business world, prepare your business with these three ways. This will surely increase your conversion rate in a limited timeframe!