Courier vs. Mail. Which Delivery System is better?
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08/03/2018 2:33 PM

Courier vs. Mail. Which Delivery System is better?

As a person working for a delivery company in the Bay Area, I have often been asked from both businesses and individuals alike whether I should send my packages through courier or by mail. Well, it depends! Both transport the same things like packages, letters, and bulky items such as large inventories of electronic hardware. The main difference between these 2 options is the method of delivery and the quality of service being provided. Whichever delivery system you choose, just know that each comes with their own benefits/costs and also depends on your company’s day-to-day operations.

Using Mail Service

Managed by the US Postal Service, the mailing service is a great way to ensure that your packages arrive exactly the day it is suppose to. If you’re just sending a simple mail or some small package, then regular mail service is cheaper. This is a result of the mailing service having no competitors which in turn allows them to charge low shipping prices (Though, it is worth noting that they won’t reduce prices or offer discounts either).

On the other hand, there are various cons associated with this method. One of the most common complaints about using mail service is that they don’t offer last-minute deliveries and give few delivery options you can choose from. You would also need to packaged your items up yourself and send it to the post office. Then, you would need to wait in line and have your packages measured and weighed. All of this can take an additional amount of time off your day and isn’t a feasible option for some. Other drawbacks include a greater chance of your package being damaged or lost.

The Benefits of using Courier Service

One of the great attributes associated with couriers is their flexibility and numerous delivery options given to the consumers. Composed entirely of private businesses, many base their service on convenience and reliability to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They do this by including customization features in their services like security, speed, specialization of express services, and quick delivery times such as last-minute deliveries. Many of these options are either not provided or entail extra fees for mail services.

The only drawbacks for opting for courier services is that they tend to charge higher prices relative to the mailing service and are more suited for sending large batches of packages as oppose to a few. Though, it is worth noting that advancements in technology have allowed their shipping prices that they charged to drop drastically. Couriers like Senpex offer discounts that are enough to make shipping prices comparable to that of the post office.

Which one should I choose from?

It all depends on which option best suites the needs of your business. If you just want to ship 1 or 2 packages and don’t mind how long it takes to arrive, then the mailing service is just for you. If your company is handling a large amount of inventories, and you want more flexibility in terms of negotiating prices, then go for the courier service route. Just keep in mind the gap between these 2 services have been closing in terms of price. Due to improvements in technology and logistics, startups especially in Silicon Valley has made great strides in lowering costs at prices comparable with mail services. Senpex, for example, is optimizing mobile computing in order to improve their company’s operation efficiency and their app allows consumers to track their delivery at all phases. In the near future, it is quite probable that the courier industry will overtake mail as the main method of delivery.

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