Cytek Biosciences, Senpex Announce Partnership for Sensitive,Regular In-Time Deliveries
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11/11/2021 03:15 PM

Cytek Biosciences, Senpex Announce Partnership for Sensitive,Regular In-Time Deliveries

Cytek Biosciences and on demand delivery service Senpex have announced a new partnership for regular in-time deliveries of blood samples, blood transportation and reports to customer’s doorstep within 55 minutes in California, Bay Area.

The same day delivery service aims to allow consumers to book their medical tests for pick-up and drop at their doorstep while staying safely  at home. The partnership joins efforts of Senpex to help Cytek and its customers in making sensitive on-demand deliveries.

Maintaining the integrity of the blood samples and specimens from the patient to the lab is very sensitive to time and requires precise pick-up and delivery. And this is what Senpex is for!

About Cytek Biometrics

Cytek Biosciences provide deep biological insights in fields of research such as cancer biology, immunology and genomics. Cytek helps in collective understanding and diagnosis of cancer. With a plethora of tools and solutions Cytek provides high-quality interpretable results. The powerful solutions are used by renowned pharmaceutical companies, CRO firms, and academic research institutions.

About Senpex

Senpex is an on-demand delivery platform offering a bundle of solutions to businesses in the California, Bay Area and to other states & major cities of Washington State, Texas, Georgia, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

Senpex App: Users can safely schedule pick-up and delivery of packages powered by AI route optimization.

API Integration: Integrate seamlessly with any leading CRM. Get end-to-end flexibility and more control over shipments for the fastest & logistics deliveries.

Collection service and order fulfillment system: Automate the inventory process along with picking, packing, shipping and tracking process. Simplify the work flow and expand your customer experience.