Delivery Automation For E-Commerce Websites-You Sell, We Deliver!
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09/16/2020 01:32 PM

Delivery Automation For E-Commerce Websites-You Sell, We Deliver!

E-commerce business is flourishing day by day, year by year! According to Nasdaq estimation, by the year 2040, ninety-five percent of purchases will be done through e-Commerce. Indeed, e-commerce businesses have plenty of development opportunities in the market. Delivery automation is one smart way that can help businesses to prosper even better and faster. Perplexed, How? Well, some courier companies are ready to ship your parcel anytime, anywhere. The ultimate agenda of these companies is – You Sell, We Deliver. 

Senpex is one such company that has integrated with e-Commerce platforms and carts enabling them to easily manage and ship the orders for customers. No matter, you are a small business retailer or looking for larger e-Commerce solutions, Senpex is all-time present for you to streamline the shipping order using its AI routed optimization platform. 

Big Challenges Faced by E-commerce Businesses

  1. Slow Delivery 

E-commerce shoppers often feel dissatisfied when they don’t get their parcel on time. Speed and delivery costs are counted amongst the two top reasons shoppers seem unhappy about shipping. Stats says, around 3 million units parcels distributed worldwide, still delivery is the most difficult part as local e-commerce can’t hold bulk orders just like big companies do.

  1. Asynchrony between Offline & online activities

It’s quite challenging to balance offline and online activities altogether. Business managers often struggle to build partnerships with local courier delivery company or create a local warehouse system to accomplish the delivery needs of customers. 

  1. Little or no-way to monitor running activities

Another pain point in e-commerce business is monitoring statistics. Since the implementation of an intelligent tracking system is time-consuming and challenging, many e-commerce businesses stick to the outdated operable system despite bringing changes in the delivery process.

  1. Struggle in planning courier delivery 

Failing to connect with a local delivery company results in huge same-day delivery courier services costs and shipping delays. Planning routes before delivery can help businesses to look upon schedules and resources while creating a systematic channel of smooth delivery. But due to lack of resources and connection problems lead to inconvenience in delivery.

Objectives of Delivery Automation

  • Speed of parcel delivery must be efficiently approved even in the bay areas of the U.S

  • Reduce last-mile delivery cost

  • Processing bulk orders with ease and optimizing delivery routes ahead

  • Peak workload optimization for the delivery services during holidays, sales, special occasions, etc

  • Monitoring delivery drivers performance like the number of parcels delivered on time, gathering feedback, tracking KPIs

  • Guarantees securely and timely delivery of couriers

  • Organizing storage in the warehouse

  • 24*7 dedicated support as deliveries come under no fix bars

These are some of the objectives that must be in the delivery automation process. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to arrange deliveries on time. 

How Delivery Automation Makes Order Management Easy?

In today’s world, buyers are super techno-savvy. They order their stuff in some clicks and want their parcel to reach as soon as possible. If e-commerce businesses continue to follow traditional old-aged manual methods, then they can’t stand on the expectations of customers. 

It is highly recommended to go with modern automation tools like CRM to avail of time-to-time updates of shipment movement. Even, you can directly call hired professionals to know where the exact location of the parcel is. 

Delivery Automation also reads to add bells and whistles to their services. Yes! you can avail additional services like personalization, gift-wrapping, inventory management, and so forth. The hire company makes sure that e-commerce businesses achieve precision and perfection in the process of delivery. 

Top online eCommerce websites hiring expert service providers for handing delivery automation. Certainly, this move is adding a new dimension to business expansion.


One of the best ways to differentiate your brand from others is by giving more importance to customer experience. Improving interactions and timely delivery helps to improve the customer’s interest in a particular brand. As in the eCommerce business, you have to face plenty of competition, but not all businesses stand upon customer expectations. You can take a lead collaborating with the best delivery service providers. Delivery automation is something you can’t afford to miss if you want to get your business on heights. 

When all the jobs get automotive, you can better work upon business requirements. Can’t you? So, why not switch to delivery automation to make the delivery work hassle-free! Just collaborate with Senpex and make the whole eCommerce delivery process automated.