Fasten Your Delivery with 5 Best Delivery Apps in the Bay Area
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09/04/2020 12:40 PM

Fasten Your Delivery with 5 Best Delivery Apps in the Bay Area

Today businesses are taking off speedily and handling the completion very strongly. They are leaping from success to success, strength to strength, plunging conventional business ideas & tactics into chaos. They must be doing something different from others if they are edging out the tough competition. Isn’t it? Well, the answer is yes! They are giving more attention to delivery services. 

The surge of online delivery services is seemingly unstoppable in the coming years. You know why? Because it simply eases the trouble of companies, businesses, and persons! No matter if you are running a restaurant or pharmacy shop, e-commerce business, or equipment shop,even for personal needs, there is a dire need for a courier delivery company that can transport your stuff in the bay areas. For your convenience, we have come up with five best delivery apps that can simplify your delivery process in a fraction of minutes. 


  1. Postmates

Want a new charger, smoothies, noodles, groceries, or anything? Postmates is all-time for pickup and delivery. It is different from other food delivery services. From here, you can get a lot more apart from the food. Also, they will pick up from anywhere and deliver at your place, even alcohol. 

Availability – Postmates is available in 4200+ cities throughout the fifty states of the U.S and D.C.

Coronavirus Impact – Offering contact-free delivery and encourages customers to complain if the delivery person is unwell. Also, this company setting up a Fleet Relief Fund to help employees with the expenses of COVID-19



Another delivery service that is not set by any menu is You can get different things from this app like groceries, lunch, dry cleaning, a bottle of wine, etc. For this app, you need not pay any fees. This company makes its money by getting a small % of the pre-trip subtotal. 

Availability: This app is available for 12,000 merchants in a hundred cities in the U.S. 

Delivery Charges: Though this app is free to use yet restaurant owners have to fix prices for minimum order or there is a definite delivery fee. Also, there is a reward program that helps you to collect points through repetitive use. 


      3. Senpex

Another delivery app that is all time available for clients is Senpex. With us, you can deliver anything anytime as per your convenience and requirements. We make use of AI-powered route optimization for same-day delivery. You can deliver anything like medical specimens, auto parts, food, beauty products, business parcel, legal documents, furniture, etc. In short, it’s the best place for all fast delivery needs. 

Availability: Our delivery app provides courier delivery services all over the U.S.A. Also, you need not pay for the app.

Star Feature: We are offering contact-less same-day delivery amid coronavirus. Also, we segregated our staff in small teams to ensure timely delivery without any risk of their lives. 

Download or Order from the links:

For Apple Users

For Android Users


     4. goPuff (iOS/Android)

While you can find many food delivery apps that work as mediators between restaurant owners and customers, goPuff app works as a digital convenience store. This app offers you everything from bathroom tissue to phone chargers, vaporizers to your favorite beverages. There is a big list of categories you can surely check on. Click here. 

Availability: This app is similar to Senpex, available throughout the United States. However, you can sense its strong presence in 150+ Southern and Midwest cities & areas. They are also thinking about growing into new locations. 

Feature: Basically, this app is free to use. But you have to pay $2 for delivery. You can also get free delivery if you pay $6 for a monthly membership.


    5. Instacart (iOS/Android)

Last but not least, Instacart is another popular app that helps you to shop online and get your deliverables at your doorstep from the neighborhood stores. Order anything from groceries to liquor to household items, all would be easily delivered in a short period. Several retailers are partnered with Instacart including Publix, Aldi, H-E-B, Costco, Petco, Stater Bros, Safeway, etc. 

Availability: This app delivers from 25k grocery stores in 5500 cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Austin, and so on. 

Feature: Due to the coronavirus effect, they have instituted an option of "leave at my door" delivery to limit the contact delivery. 


So, here is the list of the five most amazing delivery apps that not only eases your work but also reduces your shopping time efficiently. Get connected today only!