Hayward Nissan Partners with Senpex for Senpex In-House Logistics Software Services
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04/04/2022 04:00 PM

Hayward Nissan Partners with Senpex for Senpex In-House Logistics Software Services

Apr 4, 2022:  The Senpex In-House Logistics Software automates supply chain decisions. Hayward Nissan has partnered with Senpex, a cutting-edge in-house logistics platform, to create an end-to-end technology solution for deliveries.

“Dynamic customer demands for superfast last-mile deliveries, a combination of Senpex and Hayward Nissan will disrupt the automotive market, where many brands are grappling with legacy systems that are no longer optimized to meet these new needs,” said Anar Mammadov,  CEO Senpex.

The partnership will give customers an end-to-end supply chain optimization solution to automate the process from when they place spare car part orders on a website to when that order is delivered with efficient warehousing and route planning, fleet management, last-mile visibility, and other features.

The other aspect of the partnership is the Senpex driver’s app, which will ensure that the drivers view all their delivery pickup and drop-off times. They will also be able to navigate the address the first time, without wasting valuable time and fuel.

The partnership will help streamline the supply chain for spare parts as well as maximize the efficiency of the last-mile delivery network, ensuring that packages reach their destination more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

About Hayward Nissan:

Hayward Nissan offers extensive new Nissan inventory, Certified Nissan, Pre-Owned deals, exceptional car care, and customer service with a smile!

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About Senpex:

Senpex is an on-demand delivery platform offering a bundle of solutions to businesses in the California Bay Area as well as other states & major cities such as Washington State, Texas, Georgia, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

We are the most sought-after delivery partner all across California, famous for the same-day delivery advantages and customization that we offer to our customers. We have a bundle of products that offers the best delivery services and last-mile logistic solutions:

  • Easy API

  • Collection Service

  • Senpex Now

  • Multi-Route Planner

  • In-House Logistics

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