Making Bay Area Cleaner: Dispatch Goods Offer Reusable Restaurant Delivery Containers for Zero Waste
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08/31/2020 2:14 PM

Making Bay Area Cleaner: Dispatch Goods Offer Reusable Restaurant Delivery Containers for Zero Waste

Sixty percent of Americans order delivery or takeout at least once in a week! We can clearly see people love to order from restaurants and enjoy their time with friends and family. So, what happens next to the food containers? Obviously, you say we’ll throw in the garbage bin. But why is there a need to throw when Dispatcher Goods offer reusable restaurant delivery containers for Zero Waste. 

Yes! It’s true Dispatcher Goods come up with an innovative feature that helps to reduce waste in the best possible ways. This company partnered with restaurants for reducing waste by substituting conventional one time used containers with stainless steel containers. No doubt, it is good for customers and the planet and smart for restaurants.

Senpex truly supports the move of Dispatcher Goods and appreciates the initiative taken by them for providing reusable food containers to restaurants for delivery services. Let us see how the cycle goes on!,dpr=2/https:/

Partnering with Businesses & Restaurants

Dispatch Goods is establishing partnerships with big corporate and restaurants in San Francisco through the pilot program. Since restaurants don’t have enough space for holding reusable containers at a time; this company operates in a market that tends towards monopoly. If they are partnered with one company, then they won’t compromise on the needs and requirements.

Currently, the target customers of this company are corporate social responsibility teams that are found at big firms in metropolitan areas. By leveraging the best alternatives of single time used containers and by utilizing industry connections and the founder's business school, they have settled sales meetings with the world’s top-notch companies quite fast. Through the whole process, they are expecting more than 20K monthly subscribers.

What does Statistics say?

By the year 2025, food delivery would be on a huge hike and expected to be a firm $200 Billion industry. It means nearly a hundred million one-time used take out & delivery containers would discard each day. Certainly, this can impose a tremendous threat on nature that can even lead to environmental catastrophe. To provide an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative, Dispatch Goods is one of the best companies that continuously works upon strategies and environmental solutions to show no side effects on nature. 

Agenda of Dispatch Goods

This company was founded with a simple desire to heal the world while using the most reliable methods. Zero waste restaurant delivery is undoubtedly setting an example for other competitors offering take out services in bay areas. By reaching the fundraising goal, they are continuously expanding product offers throughout California as well as highly populated cities across the U.S.

Some more competitor examples!

  • In SF, there is a company named Sparkl, popular as GoBox, aimed at closed-loop systems like corporate cafeterias providing customers with reusable plastic containers. 

  • The company named Fresh Bowl in New York, providing meals or food in returnable glass containers that can be easily bought from vending machines present in a different location in the city. 

  • In Asia also, Muuse offers reusable tiffins & coffee cups

  • Returnr in Australia collaborated with Deliveroo for delivering meals in metal bowls and on returning bowls, the upfront fee will be refunded. 

You can see, apart from Disposal Goods, several other companies toil hard to save the environment by taking the right steps and setting examples in front of us!

What’s Senpex Opinion on Dispatch Goods Services?

Senpex offering pickup and delivery services know very well that single-use food packaging can cause an environmental menace which is not good for our future generations. We believe in creating a safe world where we can eliminate single-use plastic from people’s life. Dispatch Goods, Sparkl, Fresh Bowl, and many more companies are actively progressing on the path of environment saving which is highly commendable. They not only make a delivery for restaurants in the Bay Area quite easy but also set a goal for others. 

Senpex partnered with several renowned restaurants making use of reusable bags while providing food delivery services. We also encourage our partnered restaurants to pack food items in reusable containers so that it can be used more than once. 

We hope more and more restaurants and delivery companies will make use of reusable containers so there would be no wastage!