New features. New opportunities!
Senpex News & Updates
04/09/2020 4:00 PM

New features. New opportunities!


We have added new features and updated our website and apps to make Deliveries more professionally for businesses like yours.

New features include:

"Multi-Route" options - (1 pick-up and multiple drop-offs). That will give a chance for one driver to pick-up your products from your store and deliver to multiple delivery locations. It will save time and money. Plus, it includes route-optimization;

We developed an API that will give us a chance to integrate our delivery platform with your website directly. That will give a chance for your customers to go to your website and request your products including delivery to their home or office. (YOU CAN REQUEST LIVE DEMO). It will take 1 week to make that integration with your website, delivery API integration will take your online business to the next level.

We implemented the "Repetitive Orders" feature. That gives a chance for your customers to schedule the delivery based on the special dates and times each week.

Now you can get a "Dedicated and Selected" driver to cover your special delivery needs;

And customized options with your suggestions...