Senpex: An All Purpose Delivery Platform
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08/08/2018 3:48 PM

Senpex: An All Purpose Delivery Platform

Are you tired of utilizing the same old delivery system that doesn’t fit your business’s operations? Say no more, because at Senpex, we offer a multitude of choices. We want our customers to take advantage of a wide array of services which they can choose from, so here are our 4 main types of delivery.

Send/Receive Packages

We help deliver and receive packages both to individuals and businesses. If you just need to deliver a package or receive some blueprints from your employees, this option is the optimal strategy to go. We offer instant-delivery and make sure they are received on-time to our business clients.


If you need something picked up from UPS/FedEx or are currently planning to send a package there, Senpex now offers scheduled deliveries to these destinations. As a courier business, we want to partner with other logistics companies in order to maximize on a customer’s delivering options.

Purchase & Deliver

Utilizing this service, we purchase the items you want and deliver it all on your behalf. It could be something you need from the grocery or computer goods from an electronic store. We want to make the process as convenient and easy for you as possible. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll get it to you as soon as possible.

Return Services

One of our newer options, we now return packages either from your home/office and back to the place of purchase. There is no need for you to spend the extra labor just for you to waste precious time away from your business. We pretty much return anything such as packages you no longer need, excess items, and damaged goods. Whatever it is, you can always count on Senpex to get the job done.

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#delivery #courier #driver #bayarea #siliconvalley #packaging #deliveryservice #senpex #courierservice #b2b #sales #logistics #procurement