Senpex Expands Partnership with Restaurant Depot to Enhance Customers E-Commerce Experience
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12/12/2020 04:00 PM

Senpex Expands Partnership with Restaurant Depot to Enhance Customers E-Commerce Experience

December 22, 2020 – Senpex, a software company based out of Sunnyvale, California, has been collaborating with Restaurant Depot in San Jose, a members-only wholesale cash and carry foodservice supplier, to enhance their internal operations and increase the number of sales they are able to make. Now, they are expanding their efforts to include the warehouse Restaurant Depot operates in Oakland, California to improve processing and delivery services in the Bay Area.  

In the last six months, Senpex has made over 1,000 deliveries for Restaurant Depot out of its San Jose, California warehouse, delivering food to supermarkets and families at home. 

“Even during this pandemic, we are able to continue to provide vital services for our customers, creating jobs and keep the economy running, and now working out of Restaurant Depot’s warehouse in Oakland, we’ll be conquering new territory” said Senpex CEO Anar Mammadov. “As the way we live continues to change, the services that Senpex offers to retailers will become even more important as working from home remains part of our everyday lives and employers develop ways to be more efficient using technologies such as ours.”

Senpex has developed a new approach for order processing and delivery. By having a representative at each location that collects the orders, each order is custom prepared for delivery so companies like Restaurant Depot do not have to worry about those logistics.

With COVID-19 changing the way deliveries are being made, Senpex’s technology allowed a number of companies to improve their services. Retailers with e-commerce, delivery, platforms who have signed on with Senpex automatically have access to over 3,000 couriers a long with their operational expertise to ensure customers are satisfied.