Senpex Partners with Just food for dogs for Same-Day Delivery
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01/11/2022 08:12 PM

Senpex Partners with Just food for dogs for Same-Day Delivery

Senpex works with local businesses in every zip code of California, Washington State, Texas, Georgia, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

Senpex, an “on-demand” delivery company, has been working in partnership with JustFoodForDogs for 1.5 years to improve the length and quality of life for as many pets as possible—through real food and nutrition. You can find  JustFoodForDogs inside veterinary clinics and hospitals, and at Pet Food Express and Petco locations nationwide.

The companies whose association signifies more than a product expansion said that the customers can conveniently order the pet food and pet products on-demand by making them accessible on our platform. And that’s for same-day delivery powered by Senpex AI-driven platform.

Same-day delivery with Senpex provides customers greater access to fresh food recipes, vet support recipes- including exclusive supplies, big kibble, treats and a lot more.

“As expectations for healthy food for pets have increased, consumers can consult with certified vets and order pet food on-demand for delivery within an hour with no time slot, or minimum order size required,” said Anar Mammdov, CEO Senpex.

About JustFoodforDogs:

A story of rescuing a dog from the pound continues as a big food dog business. Our mission and core values are not just a way of doing business—they’re a way of life for all of us at JustFoodForDogs!

If you live in the Bay Area (California) and have a dog, you definitely need to check what they are doing. An innovative feeding calculator can help you to understand how to feed your dog correctly.

About Senpex:

Senpex delivers grocery, medicines, pet food and supplies, retail, furniture, airport luggage, auto parts, electronics, high valued items and more. Connect with us for business partnership. We offer same-day delivery all across California, Bay Area and a few more states. For businesses, Senpex API is an advanced solution that caters to all your on-demand delivery needs. Engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.