Senpex and Leanfeast Enters into Food Delivery Partnership
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Senpex and Leanfeast Enters into Food Delivery Partnership

December 1, 2020 - The restaurant owners were obligated to close their dining rooms on a "Take-out" model only since the lockdown has started, but the fear of the panedemic is still the same. Many of us are still concerned in regards to how our food will be prepared and delivered with caution. However, LeanFeast Silicon Valley is able to help while providing fresh & healthy made to order meals preventing consumers from having to leave their home. Plus, the best part is Senpex has backed them. Senpex in collaboration with LeanFeast Silicon Valley is now offering timely food delivery services to your doorstep anywhere within the San Francisco Bay Area.

The easy to use online ordering system gives you plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need carbs, proteins, vegetables, or anything, available in just a few clicks. Once you have submitted your order, the staff will immediately get notified and prepare fresh meals. Obviously, the LeanFeast Silicon Valley & Senpex staff are rigorously following CDC guidelines for your peace of mind. When your order is ready, the Senpex driver picks up your ready meal and it reaches your chosen destination.

Moreover, the driver places the order right at your doorstep to follow zero-contact delivery. This is how the whole process proceeds. We can conclude from this, “Eating fresh & healthy is now convenient & easy.”

Luckily, LeanFeast Silicon Valley is the best option if you lack the time and energy to cook appetizing food. Since Senpex collaborated with them, you can get your package without any delay. On asking from the LeanFeast Silicon Valley team, why they have chosen “Senpex” for delivering food, we got a response. The owner said, “In this challenging time, when we have to be extra-cautious while delivering meals, we can’t rely on any local courier company rather than Senpex. Before collaborating, we scheduled a meeting & checked ins-and-outs of the delivery process. There was no scope of holes in their process; moreover they take CDC guidelines very attentively. We moved one step ahead & hired them for pickup & delivery service and I must say, they have a dedicated & humble staff.”

It’s good to know that we are surrounded by responsible business owners who are maturely handling this tough situation. So, we can only request our readers to place your orders from those restaurants that prioritize your safety and prepare fresh meals.

About LeanFeast Silicon Valley

LeanFeast Silicon Valley is a convenience-based restaurant and online storefront, providing healthy meals on-the-go for anyone who finds it challenging to maintain proper daily nutrition. LeanFeast Silicon Valley serves a diverse clientele from all sorts of professional backgrounds which include: San Francisco 49ers, San Jose Sharks, Lockheed Martin, eBay, Google, NVidia, and Apple Computers. Plus, honor the ability to serve those front line workers; police, fire, medical, military & service-based industries.

Address: 1751 N 1st St Suite 70, San Jose, CA 95112

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Senpex and Leanfeast have entered into partnership for food delivery services. If your business is also looking for delivery service partnerships, call directly at 669-777-5733.