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Senpex Technology launches logistics feature "Senpex Flex" allowing organizations to partner with dedicated drivers
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12/29/2022 05:56 AM

Senpex Technology launches logistics feature "Senpex Flex" allowing organizations to partner with dedicated drivers

The New Feature Opens New Horizons for Organizations to Have Guaranteed Partnered Drivers

Senpex Technology is thrilled to announce that they have released a new logistics feature aimed at providing corporate clients (restaurants, health, and other B2B organizations) with the ability to book dedicated delivery drivers for their consistent delivery needs. This new innovation will help ease the stress of inbound and outbound deliveries for businesses by allowing them to book dedicated drivers and keep them on the same routes.  As an added bonus, Senpex also announced that dedicated driving routes are adjustable, thereby giving businesses flexibility in adding or changing delivery needs at a moment’s notice.

“Reliability is paramount in terms of driver availability for both customer satisfaction and business needs.  It is a big problem for big competitors like Doordash, Uber Eats, Roadie, Grubhub, and others, to guarantee dedicated drivers. They often struggle to fulfill market needs at 100% coverage by providing drivers to customers,” remarked Anar Mammadov, Founder and CEO of Senpex Technologies. “This new Senpex development will revolutionize how third-party logistics drivers are allocated within a business supply chain.”

This fully customizable delivery logistics software allows businesses to book dedicated drivers and time slot scheduling, giving them peace of mind to know that their supply chain needs will be met every time. These new features will be available in all 55 states supporting local businesses.

Request for a demo can be found on the official Senpex Technologies Website.

About Senpex

Senpex Technology is a personalized logistics and delivery service that utilizes groundbreaking artificial intelligence to optimize routes and provide businesses with the fastest, most efficient, last-mile delivery resource.  Senpex can be utilized 24/7, with no interruptions to your delivery needs.