The Senpex and Astra Collaboration
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10/18/2022 06:00 PM

The Senpex and Astra Collaboration

We at Senpex whenever think about partnerships opportunities, we always look forward to work with like-minded people. Someone who has broadened vision to work towards community growth and create a better future. We found that in our partnership with Astra. Our collaboration with Astra makes perfect sense when it comes to enable and support real change in people’s lives every day. 

Astra’s commitment to creating a healthier and more connected planet- and their passion to Improve Life on Earth from Space- make them an ideal partner for Senpex. With initiatives such as sending customer payloads of up to 500kg to up to 500km mid-inclination orbits into low Earth orbit in summer 2021 and adding more destinations, Astra focused on forming a strong relationship to invest in the success of the improving life on Earth. 

Senpex is homegrown in San Jose, Bay Area and we are growing to build a nationwide community and on-demand delivery services. We are focused on forming strong local relationships with businesses of every size to invest in the success of the Bay Area.

Across the Bay Area and across the major cities of the country, Senpex drivers deliver thousands of packages every month. Senpex AI-driven model enables 24*7 safe and fastest deliveries for senders. Our drivers are professionals and enjoy various benefits for successful deliveries.

Both Commit to Sustainability

At Senpex, we offer smart same-day delivery solutions powered by AI to save on the cost. Local package delivery from us is one of the sustainable ways to deliver anything under the sun (should be legal) to their respective destinations.

Astra too shares our commitment to sustainability, which made sure that this partnership makes sense. Astra acquired Apollo Fusion in June 2021, the leading electric space-propulsion company, to reach new destinations in space.