Want To Deliver Christmas Gifts To Your Loved Ones? Book Your Order in Advance!
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12/14/2020 04:00 PM

Want To Deliver Christmas Gifts To Your Loved Ones? Book Your Order in Advance!

The whole year #2020 was full of ups and downs for all of us. While the Christmas holiday season brings joy, happiness and unification with friends, a significant number of people cooped up indoors to avoid the spread of evil Corona-virus. Indeed! It’s good to stay safe and healthy at home rather than going out with friends & family. But it doesn’t mean you can’t send special gifts to your loved ones. You can deliver almost anything with the help of Senpex. But make sure you book your order prior 1 or 2 days for the convenience. 

The spread of Covid-19 has triggered the shipping volumes that ultimately lead to increased prices of several courier companies. Though they are committing to deliver on time, yet charges are unbearable. However, there is always a blessing in disguise. Even, at this challenging time, Senpex is not charging higher prices. In fact, we are providing season offers so that you can send special gifts without thinking much. 

Here are some of the ways via which our proficient team can help you in delivering your stuff!

Find Your Perfect Gift 

If you are stuck with so many gifts items and not sure what to choose, then wait. We have a great deal for you. We are partnered with so many business & store owners; we can better suggest from where you can pick your gift. We are there to give creative & helpful options that not only perfectly fit within your budget but also go with your taste.

Even, if you are facing any difficulties to find the gift or items, we can help you in locating the “hard to find gift items”. Apart from this, we assure you to deliver at your place so that you will get time to get it wrapped & delivered.

Be in Active Mode & Book Order in Advance

Since the time compelled us to stay ahead to stop the spread of corona-virus, we are on the active mode and preparing all things in advance to ensure no load at the delivery of shipments. Similarly, we want our customers to be proactive & to book their order in advance. Our whole team is ready to offer on-demand delivery so that there won’t be any delay from our end. But, again it can’t be possible without your dedicated support. So, it’s good to book order before 25th December to send season wishes on time.

Wrap, Pack & Deliver

Some customers may wish to deliver directly from the shop to recipient. Well, in that case, we are ready to remove tags, gift receipt or the bill. Also, we can add a handwritten note with your gift to express your feelings. Starting from wrapping to delivering, we keep on check on everything on our own. We facilitate our customers to locate the exact location of the parcel. If the recipient is not available at home, we contact & wait until we deliver in hand. 

All in all, you can say our motive is to make a strong bond with our customers. Christmas seasons & holidays is something we wait so long to come & cheer our special moments. Even, at this pandemic, we don’t want that you will stay away from your loved ones. So, it’s just a small effort where we keep our prices moderate while providing quality & reliable delivery services. If you have any concern, call us @ +1(669) 777-5733. We are there to answer you 24*7!