Cloud-Based TMS (Transportation Management System)

  • AI-Based Route Planning Software
  • Use Your Own Drivers And Fleet
  • Real-Time Driver Tracking
  • Simple And Intuitive iOS And Android Apps For Drivers
  • Electronic Proof Of Delivery
  • API Integration
  • Dynamic ETA

Easy to start do deliveries

Senpex is the easiest way to manage local deliveries

Step 1
logistics route planning

Easily import hundreds of orders via a simple spreadsheet to get the most efficient routes for your drivers. With Senpex advanced route planner, you can confidently save hours on your route planning and delight customers with swift delivery experiences.

(up to 15 minutes)
Step 2

Instantly create courier profiles and manage them easily in one virtual courier management hub. With Senpex, drivers are automatically invited to download Senpex’s user friendly mobile apps and get on board.

(up to 2 minutes)
Courier management software
Step 3

Quickly assign delivery orders to your preferred couriers from Senpex delivery management hub. Updates are sent to drivers in real-time for optimal delivery speed and efficiency.

(less than 1 minute)
delivery management
Step 4

Always know where your drivers are and where they're going in real time. With Senpex’s advanced tracking tool, you can easily stay on top of ETAs and streamline deliveries for more delightful customer experiences.

in house logistics

Dispatch efficiently. Empower drivers. Manage effortlessly. All in one place.

Confidently plan, track and simplify your delivery operations with Senpex. From advanced route optimization to real-time fleet tracking and courier management, our in-house logistics platform handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers and deliver successfully.

  • AI-based Route planning software
  • Virtual courier management depot
  • Simple, intuitive native iOS and Android apps for drivers
  • Automated route dispatch to drivers
  • Advanced order scheduler
  • Real-time driver tracking
  • Automatic status updates
  • Electronic proof of delivery
  • Secure driver chat system

Why Senpex In-House Logistics?

Whether working at the office or at home, Senpex in-house logistics platform can deliver.

Like any well-oiled machine, Senpex makes it easy to assign drivers to orders from a speedy and intuitive cloud-based interface.

Senpex simplifies delivery management with advanced features that improve your SLAs, deliver delightful customer experiences and drive profitability for your business.

Senpex takes your delivery operations to the next level with easy-to-use time and cost saving technologies.

Senpex GPS tracking technology makes it easy to keep recipients updated on when a delivery has started, when it should be expected, and when it’s arriving.

Delivery management is a never-ending journey and we understand nothing better!

“Senpex in-house logistics is a no-brainier for any serious delivery operation. Integrate your delivery management needs and restraints to our intuitive cloud-based platform. You can seamlessly plan deliveries and assign them to drivers while providing a transparent end-to-end delivery experience. And you’ll be just a witness.”

- CEO Anar Mammadov

Simple, transparent pricing that scales as you grow

(1 credit = 1 pick-up/drop-off point)

Experience the full power of Senpex platform by accessing most advanced logistics solutions: 
Whats included
  • AI route planning software
  • Virtual couriers depo
  • Support your drivers with Android and iOS mobile app
  • Advanced order scheduler
  • Access to real-time order tracking
  • Electronic proof of delivery


300 Credits Package

$ 59


900 Credits Package

$ 139


6500 Credits Package

$ 299


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