Courier Management: How to cut down delivery costs and times to delight customers
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07/04/2022 10:37 PM

Courier Management: How to cut down delivery costs and times to delight customers

An overlooked aspect regarding the crucial business of e-commerce is that businesses owe it to themselves to find a reputable and affordable delivery services so as to optimize on costs, make customers happy and keep businesses afloat! Here’s where Senpex come into play. 

These days both consumers and businesses alike can't get enough of online shopping. While there's never been a better time to shop, e-tailer business costs are rising. In order to compete with other online retailers, businesses today have been trying to streamline their logistics so they can offer their customers lightning-fast shipping coupled with affordable rates. Consumers want convenience when browsing the web, which means products must be able to be delivered quickly and at reasonable prices. 

Most businesses use in-house logistics software to streamline the delivery process - enabling the optimization of multiple phases and customization for each customer.

A courier management system is a useful tool for business, but it won't do much good if your company doesn't have a solid understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish. No system will function optimally unless the process behind its software abides by the same sense of discipline and structure that one should follow when planning their workforce in the first place.

What is Courier Management?

Understanding courier management will allow you to leverage the features of a courier service to streamline your delivery processes. It entails planning and executing last-mile delivery of your goods and packages to the end user.

In nutshell, courier management software allows you to schedule the sameday deliveries and assigning them to couriers or delivery drivers. It involves overseeing operations, route planning and optimization, managing vehicles and fuels, and handling the approvals for courier expenses.

Why You Need a Courier Management System?

 A courier delivery management system, is a business software program that simplifies courier management and delivery route planning. Without one, you won't be competitive in this industry. 

 An innovative cloud-based solution that streamlines deliveries, service calls or pick-ups for your customers and increases efficiency across the company.

 Following tasks get streamlined if you are using one:

  • Efficient scheduling of pickups and delivery

  • Optimize delivery routes automatically

  • Flawless Management of Priority Orders

  • Track driver performance

  • Package real time tracking during delivery service

  • Increase end-to-end visibility

  • Collect complete order information like: 

  • Package delivery status;

  • the date and time of delivery;

  • time spent on transport;

  • delays online;

  • ready to be analyzed when needed.

  • Make logistics process paperless

  • Data Security

  • Save money and time

  • Maintain Transparency and meet customers’ expectations

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Senpex: Courier Management Software

With on-demand and same day delivery services on the rise, courier management systems play an important part in distributing packages across local areas. The software helps you to manage all processes that are involved in running a profitable package delivery service, from managing your fleet of vehicles and employees to uploading customer appointments.  

Operational Efficiency at Every Step of the Business Request a Free Trial 

Delight your customers with swift deliveries: Easily import your orders via a spreadsheet and get most efficient routes for your drivers saving hours on your logistics route planning.


Courier Profiles: Create and manage courier profiles in one virtual courier management hub. To get onboard  with Senpex, drivers just have to download user friendly mobile app and start delivering.

Order Scheduling & Delivery: Using Senpex delivery management hub, you can quickly   assign the delivery orders to preferred couriers in no time. To increase the efficiency and speed of the package delivery, real-time updates are sent to drivers in less than 1 minute. 

Real-time tracking: Advance tracking tool offered by Senpex allows you to easily stay on top of the ETAs and streamline the sameday deliveries giving a delightful experience to your customers.



Who doesn’t want to simplify delivery management? In a landscape filled with complexities, Senpex delivers advanced features and solutions that improve your service level agreements, enhance your customer experience and increase profitability. To be fair though, we really can’t do it alone so why not allow us the opportunity to explain how we are different from the competition by starting a free trial. Our experts can also be easily reached out for demo at or at call 669-777-5733.


Key Benefits of Courier Management Software

Companies offer logistics services so that online stores facilitate safe and timely deliveries of their products. There are many different types of logistics services that companies offer. They include in-house logistics (or courier management software), which is when a company handles the shipping process on its own; 3PL (third party logistics), which is when a company hires another company to handle all or some of the on-demand delivery process; and drop ship, which is when a company contracts with an outside vendor to handle all or some of the shipping process.

A courier management system offers to avoid challenges faced by the businesses on the daily basis:

·        Late and untraceable deliveries

·        Manual package sorting

·        Lost packages

·        Inefficient route planning

·        Lack of communication

·        Unsatisfied customer experience


To help businesses with efficient delivery operations in a timely and controlled manner, courier management software turns out to be boon. Below discussed are few of the more benefits:

Optimized Courier Operations

Courier software automatically sorts new orders into appropriate categories based on type, volume and other parameters. The software has a centralized dashboard to control and monitor the entire delivery management process.

Real-time package tracking and courier performance

Courier software allows for real-time tracking of multiple orders. You can follow the progression of any number of deliveries without having to wait for one delivery to be completed before beginning work on the next. Besides, you can also look into drivers’ history and delivery feedback to measure their performance in order to help drive future performance improvements and retain key drivers.

Build transparency with your customers 

When picking the most effective courier management software, make sure it allows you to keep your customers in the loop by sharing accurate ETAs.

Deliver at time when customer wants 

It's very important for businesses to offer their customers fast service in order to stay competitive. By offering same-day delivery services, businesses give their customers the flexibility and convenience that make shopping online a more enjoyable experience. Couriers can make use of software like Senpex: In-House Logistics (which takes into account traffic, weather, roadblocks) and Fetch (real-time alerts that automatically updates its location every 30 seconds) to deliver packages that meet customers' expectations as quickly as possible.

Digitized proof of delivery

Drivers can collect and upload the digitized proof of delivery and facilitate contactless deliveries.


Courier Management FAQs

What is Courier Tracking Software?

Senpex offers AI powered real-time tracking of vehicles and packages. It helps in tracking and verifying the movement of the couriers and have an estimate time of the final delivery.

What is Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)?

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is an important feature of the delivery hub management software. It helps to streamline and automate the final delivery receipt documentation. It verifies that the package has been delivered successfully to the end customer. Generally, it captures the relevant data and picture to verify the proof of delivery. It makes you go paperless.

What is Courier Route Optimisation?

AI driven multi- stop route delivery optimisation is the process of finding the best route for delivery drivers to take to get a package from your hub to its destination within a set time frame.

Is courier management and inventory management part of the same software?

Both inventory management and courier management are different even though they work in tandem; they are handled by different teams. Inventory management involves to order, store and use a company’s inventory resources whereas courier management involves last- mile delivery and driver management.

Does this software work with different types and sizes of vehicles?

Yes, it does allow to choose as long as you choose and enter unique specifications for each driver.


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